We create your HMI for you

We go along with you step by step
 from the first idea until the HMI completion

Our Services

We design and develop with you an HMI application based on the WIT-HMI framework. Thanks to the many predefined, adaptable standard functions, the HMI application can be implemented as individual software in a short time - two man-months development time is not uncommon.

With the «simulate function», the visualization can also be developed without hardware/machine. This reduces the overall development time of a machine. Customers also like to use the HMI simulator in sales for presentations or for training purposes.

After testing and approving your HMI application, we are always there to support you with our expertise for smaller or larger extensions. Alternatively, you could also make program adjustments yourself after purchasing the license.

Even after the delivery of the first HMI application, we will continue to support you!

Development Process

We accompany you from your first questions to the completion of your HMI solution. We optimize the HMI on your machine and environment and develop it for you according to your specific requirements. But even after completion of the HMI application, we support you if extensions or adjustments are necessary. Optionally, you can carry out simple adjustments yourself using the supplied code.

Our proven Approach

Step 1:


Requirements are defined and discussed together.

Step 2:

UI Drafts

HMI views are presented, adjusted and approved together.

Step 3:


We program the entire HMI application for you, based on WPF/.NET and the WIT-HMI framework.

Step 4:

Test and Commissioning

We support you during the test phase and the initial commissioning up to the release.

Modifications and further Development

Option 1: 

We continue to maintain the HMI application for you

After testing and commissioning, you will receive the specifically created source code of your HMI application. This enables you to make simple changes yourself. But even after completing the project, you are not alone. We support you with our know-how and continue to maintain the HMI application on your behalf.

Option 2: 

You acquire a usage license for the WIT-HMI Framework

With the usage license you also receive the source code of the WIT-HMI framework in addition to the specific HMI source code. This puts you in a position to maintain or extend your HMI application on your own responsibility. If required, we will also be happy to train you for this.